Eratek Integra Solusindo, PT has highly skilled and qualified staff in handling all work, we can focus various expertise and produce quality standards for iron, steel and stainless-steel fabrication for industrial purposes such as Stack Flare, Tank, Storage Tank, Conveyor, Piping System, Rotary Feeder, Metal Expansion Joint, etc.

With our highly trained and skilled personnel, we will continue to provide a variety of fabrication service needs for our customers, benefiting from the knowledge gained through years of experience in steel and stainless steel fabrication. This allows us to assist in project design and recommend installation techniques that are critical to construction efficiency and overall project cost control.

We are an experienced and trusted partner that has proven to be a partner of large companies in Indonesia. We are committed to contributing to the profitability of our customers by providing cost-effective products with high quality and guaranteed work and timely workmanship.

Our personnel are trained to meet the high requirements demanded by the industry, with relevant standard products. Our dedicated and skilled team strives to produce quality products with high customer satisfaction, and ensure our clients remain repeat customers for many years.

Our team can design custom equipment to meet your needs and oversee each phase of the fabrication process. We can help determine the optimal material for your project’s unique needs, including plastics and metals like aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass, polypropylene and other options. Our service is highly flexible, we can work with existing designs or provide in-house design services to develop a concept to drawing stage.