Your business is built up on having the best and most effective automation tools. In order for that equipment to work for your business, you need qualified and trusted individuals. Attracting, training, and retaining employees are how you create and maintain the efficiencies that spell success. If you fail to train and retain employees, the potential cost-savings generated with your equipment are quickly to lost to decreased efficiencies and the re-hire process. To have valued employees, you need more than simple orientation courses; you need to create a work culture centered on continually developing the skill sets of your staff.

PLC Programming

Our PLC Programming training courses are delivered over several skill levels, these courses teach you everything from the basics of PLC programming to the more advanced side of PLC programming which puts you in a great position when it comes to working with PLC’s in your company. Please note, what you learn in the PLC Programming Series is real industrial PLC Programming and this language of programming is universal to all PLC’s, the only differences being the hardware and software used to create the program.

HMI & SCADA Programming

Our SCADA Programming Series is the best way to further increase your programming skill set. SCADA Programming is the next step in Programming Skill Training. It ensures your skills are at a higher level than those with only PLC experience. This skill is necessary for Control Engineers, System Integrators. This SCADA course teaches you SCADA programming as undertaken when designing manufacturing process data acquisition for any type of SCADA system.

Drive & Motion Control

The course begins by looking at ac Inverter drives and provides an extensive understanding of the relationships between speed and torque and voltage and frequency of industrial motors. The practicalities of configuring, fault-finding and maintenance are demonstrated and then practiced by participants on purpose built training rigs allowing considerable experience to be gained on a representative range of proprietary motion control systems. Application-related information on subjects including: controller optimization, diagnostic functions, user interfaces, PLC functionality and field bus systems.